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Expert Well Drilling Services in the North Island, NZ

Your Trusted Partner in Water Solutions Since 1936

Welcome to Barham United Welldrillers

With a legacy that spans back to 1936, we are your reliable and customer-focused well-drilling company based in Waikato, New Zealand. Our commitment to excellence, extensive local knowledge, and a comprehensive range of services make us the go-to choice for all your water needs.

Key Achievements

What We Offer

• Expert Well Drilling Services
• Comprehensive Irrigation System Services
• Dedicated Water Well Maintenance and Rehabilitation
• Advanced Geothermal Drilling and System Services
• Efficient Vertical Geothermal Loop Drilling Services
• Professional Pump and Geotechnical Exploration Services

Why Choose Us

About Us

At Barham United Welldrillers, we blend tradition with innovation to deliver reliable water solutions. Our journey began in 1936, and since our inception, we've been committed to exceeding client expectations through a blend of experienced craftsmanship and modern technology.